Vesper Dream Cars

Logo design for Vesper Dream Cars

 Vesper Dream Cars is a small car rental startup which rents classic high end “frame off/resto-mod” restored American muscle cars in several Major Cities in the U.S.They provide the unique rare experience of being behind the wheel of automotive art, history, and passion. The target audience is males, who want to experience the joy of driving a dream car.

We would like to convey, and create excitement. We want to emphasize the “experience”, the passion, and the rush of driving a restored, immaculate, luxurious muscle car pushing in excess of 400 to 500 horsepower.

To achieve this feeling with the logo, I started looking for some inspiration amongst the classic muscle cars’ logo and typography:

As I noticed, the common things in these scripts and logos is the shiny, chrome and classic/aggressive look that I went for with my sketches…

…and the final logo: