The Unnatural History Of London

Fan art movie poster for a BBC documentary

Growing up in a small town and spending a lot of time outside it was allways natural to me being surrounded by animals. I learned to walk the streets with open eye and notice the life around me even in places where people wouldn’t even think something was hiding. Seeing the documentary “The Unnatural History Of London” brought back these memories and it blew my mind how animals one would never think of moved in and adapted their lifestyle for a huge capital city. I loved this movie so much I decided to make a little tribute in form of a poster, featuring some of the animals appearing on screen.


I made a few screenshots and arranged the main characters to cover approximately 2/3 of the poster…

… then outlined the animals…

…and finally added more details, colors and the background. I decided to keep the number of colors on minimum as there are a lot of colorful animals in the picture, and didn’t wanted to ruin the overall composition. Also I wanted to make the whole process more fun and challenging to see how I can fit all these colors in a limited color range.

Here are some more details, and a huge poster mockup:

det01 det02 det03 det04 det05 det06 det07

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