Rebranding of Creativia

Creativia logo

The new logo and visual identity for Center of creative ideas “Creativia”

This was a fun project to work on, since they provided a detailed brief and lots of feedback, which is crucial to make the best image that represents the client. In this case we had a NGO that has clear goals of motivating and helping young creatives to make their community a better place. The old logo included the tagline “Power of imagination”, we tried to capture this spirit in the new identity with the Pegasus in the logo.

Pegasus sketchesThe first sketches of the winged horse icon

At the very beginning we focused on the winged horse icon, since this will be the most visible element of the logo, which would need to stand out enough so it can be later used as a standalone symbol without any text. After a few adjustments the sketch was ready to be vectorized and completed with matching logotype:



After the logo was approved, I designed the complete visual identity of the Organization:

Creativia corporate identity