These are examples of minimalist poster studies from various fields that I like to explore from time to time. It is a nice exercise in visual communication, the process of stripping down the story to it’s core value helps me in understanding various design briefs and client requirements. The goal of these exercises are to get rid of every unnecessary detail while still clearly conveying the message.

Drugs Are Good

THC, MDMA, Meth and LSD posters – Just a personal experiment with minimal style and iconography, it wasn’t meant to promote drug use. The name of the series came from a NoFX song of the same title.

Last Words

Series of poster illustrations for famous funny last words jokes. A3 digital prints.
“Cut the red!”
“Pull the pin and count to what?”
“This ship is unsinkable!”
“It’s just a dolphin.”

Dog Identification Chart

A selection from another minimalist poster study I did in one of my early morning breaks, hope you like it as much as I enjoyed the whole process of creating these illustrations! My goal was to use the same grid and create the shapes of various dog breeds while trying to keep their shape and size recognizable as much as possible.
The pictured dogs are the following:
1. row: Chihuaua, Welsh Corgi, Beagle
2. row: French Bulldog, Shar-Pei, Dachshound
3. row: Basset Hound, Puli, Bull Terrier
4. row: German Shepherd Dog, Greyhound, Great Dane