God Of Fire

Reading a book about the National Museum Of Anthropology in Mexico City, I stumbled into a photo of Huehueteotl, the ancient God Of Fire in Aztec mythology. I thought I should give it a try transforming the image into an illustration that can be used as a T-shirt graphic.


The original inspiration was a photo of a small terracotta dating back from 800 AD that is now on display in the National Museum Of Anthropology in Mexico City:

Since the photo was shot from a side angle and I wanted to draw a symmetrical illustration, first I made a quick sketch just to help visualizing the shadows and lights…

…and a second, modified and more detailed sketch that I scanned and traced in Illustrator:

This is the basic linework, drawn in Ai. Process shot from Instagram:

And here are some T-shirt mock-ups in different colors. I still can’t decide which one to print…