Downstroy – One Size Fits All


Album art for Downstroy’s debut album One Size fits All

Late last year I had a chance to redesign the cover for the debut album of Downstroy, one of the most successful metal bands from Serbia.

Downstroy was formed in 2004 in Kikinda, Serbia. They quickly became popular on local metal/hc scene and despite the changes in line-up they remained active touring in Serbia and the neighbourhood, performing on numerous world famous festivals such as Exit or Wacken Open Air, sharing stages with other well-know bands such as Subscribe, Blind Myself, Insult, Eyesburn, Ritam Nereda, Cadaveres, Draconic etc.

One Size Fits All is the band’s first official album. It was originally released as a free album download on Serbian Metal Portal in 2010. It received tons of positive response and critics and the album finally became available as an actual record. This is where I came in picture as the art director and designer.

The idea behind the whole concept was to keep some imagery from the old artwork but give it a modern, urban, DIY feel. After a short brainstorming session with Darko, the lead singer of the band we quickly decided to go after a handmade, stenciled look using the crown from the previous cover incorporated on a warning sign. All artwork is original, the digital post-processing was kept on minimal. The cover image is a hand cut stencil sprayed on my studio wall; the CD is made of a photo of the actual stencil, and the backside label of the case features a handmade sticker.

the original stencil

test sprays for the cover artwork

A matching logo was also made that is now used on posters and flyers: