Orca Diving Club

Mural for Orca Diving Club

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The Unnatural History Of London

Fan art movie poster for a BBC documentary

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Visual Identity For PML KZM

Logo design for the newly founded Provincial network of local youth offices in Vojvodina

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The Offer You Can’t Refuse

Poster and flyer illustrations for the season opening metal concert in Terrarossa Kikinda.

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Free desktop wallpaper illustrations from my blog

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Poster for Dreadkillaz

Poster illustration for a Dreadkillaz party.

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Rebranding of Creativia

New logo and corporate identity for Center of creatice ideas “Creativia”

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Illustrate Your World

Contest entry

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007 Fan Art Illustrations

Fan art illustrations of various James Bond movie characters

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Xipe Totec

Personal project, illustration inspired by Aztec mythology

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Downstroy – One Size Fits All

Album art for Downstroy’s debut album One Size fits All

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God Of Fire

My interpretation of Huehueteotl, the Aztec God of Fire

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The A-Team

Fan art illustrations based on characters from the original TV series

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Sons Of Anarchy

Fan art illustration based on TV series Sons Of Anarchy

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Various T-shirt designs I made recently.

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Full corporate identity for Zerovic Internet Marketing Solutions

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Logo and business card design for OrangePlus design agency

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Vesper Dream Cars

Vesper Dream Cars is a small car rental startup with a new logo

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Refuse/Resist Festival

Visual identity for the Refuse/Resist festival

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S3T ART 2.

Poster and flyer for S3T ART 2. International street art exhibition

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A selection of various typography studies and self-promotion works.

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New skateboard graphics

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Minimalist poster studies from various fields. The goal was to get rid of every unnecessary detail while still conveying the message.

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Mural at the animal shelter

Cats vs. dogs

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Kids room

Interior wall decoration

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Spray Every Day

Another T-shirt design for S42 Clothing

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Illustration for a skatedeck and poster

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S3T ART Exhibition

Visual identity and a guerilla advertising campaign for S3T ART Urban Art Exhibition.

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Graffiti Tourism

limited edition, screenprinted T-shirts for S42 Clothing

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Skateboard graphics

A series of skateboard deck graphics I did this summer

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KIM visual identity

Visual identity for KIM

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Terrarossa flyer

Flyer for Zion Crew and Dreadkillaz

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The DeerBear


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Solaris flyer

Flyer design for Dreadkillaz and dj Pawki & mc Lewangz

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Interior decoration – private comission

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PKK mural

A mural I did at the clubhouse/office of Swimming Club Kikinda

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Senph ambigram

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